Merkabody is the union of light, spirit and body.  

We believe anything introduced into your body should balance and raise the vibration of your entire being.  

We are clued into the forces of the Universe and believe changing your frequency changes everything. 

We are committed to delivering superior quality products to enhance the overall health of our customers, by nourishing the mind, body and soul.  

We research and source our ingredients to adhere to our personal high standards.  

We value the importance of clean, sustainable sources for the health of the planet as well as our family/framily.  

Merkabody is dedicated to fostering these sources by making high  integrity products available to our people.  

Welcome to Merkabody, the place for a High Vibrant Life!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ? Nikola Tesla 

         THE MAKER

Welcome!  I am Bessie McIntosh.  The Maker.  The woman behind the "kitchen witching" of our formulas to the creative design of our products.  A serial entrepreneur, I have spent my adult life building and promoting several ventures with a common theme.         Health and sustainability.   I am awe-inspired by the unseen realms, years of clean nourishment, my connection to nature and my awareness of how and what my family consumes.   My life experience has led me to creating products that are of the highest quality, grown without pesticides, organic, non gmo and adhere to sustainable practices. Every offering we source has a unique story to tell, supports family farms and brilliant individuals who have dedicated their lives to their craft. My passion lives in the thrill of someone's life lighting up because my "being and doing".  I believe and live by this philosophy  "All we have in life is how we can be of service to others".  

             Merkabody is the "doing" my life partner and I engage in. Connecting you to consumables;  To balance and raise the vibration of your entire being. Our intention is to raise the frequency in your body, mind and soul.  We partner and source our raw materials from people and farms that are committed to integrity in their growing, processing and tracing practices.  Merkabody's goal is to be your trusted source for high quality, healthy, vibrant consumables.  Our mission is to inspire a state of bliss.     Welcome to Merkabody, the place for a High Vibrant Life!


Hello!  Meet Aaron McIntosh, The Mover, my partner in love, life, the creation of Merkabody and our two reasons for all the ways we "do and be".  Aaron is a silent mover and shaker. Embodying the mighty sasquatch, Aaron is behind the scenes, moving the pieces forward in a powerful, yet, mysterious way.   His inquisitive mind and push to find better consumables in the marketplace is the driving force behind the creation of our  Merkabody's offerings.  He holds the balance, ensuring each offering is set at a frequency to induce higher vibrations in your Mer Ka Bah, Light- Spirit- Body.


Welcome to our Merkabody Family. We are thrilled to have you with us! 



Merkabody's line of Cannabinoid Products came about through the "mothering of necessity". Our youngest wanted to try CBD oil. We starting looking for a source that checked all of our boxes. We wanted was a tincture that was the highest of quality,  traceable, non-gmo, grown pesticide free and organic,  tested for heavy metals,  instead of only CBD content.  We wanted a trustworthy source and process.  To our surprise, the idealistic niche we desired was few and far in-between.  Instead, we discovered            NOT ALL CANNABINOID OIL were created the same .  

Our Maker did what our Maker does, dove into research and connecting with sources we could stand behind. After a year of research, we partnered with a producer in Utah and developed formulas for our children to consume. We tested our premium, full spectrum, whole plant, phytocannabinoid rich oil blends with a handful of therapists, doctors and their patients; who were familiar with other brands. The feedback we received was incredible. We knew if it took this much effort to find a reputable source for our children,  then other families and health conscious people are also seeking. 

Our mission is to make it easy to find high quality CBD products. Our formulas are produced under the highest industry standards, are non-gmo, vegan , gluten free, derived from hemp organically grown in Colorado, processed in a Organically Certified Utah Facility, in compliance with federal regulations . 


Merkabody's  Ormus is made under the light of the full moon by women who have spent over a decade honing their craft. We have been using ormus in its raw form for years to grow healthy plants and to physically change the vibration of our surroundings as well as our bodies.  Ormus or ORME, are mono-atomic elements derived from water and ancient salt, believed to exist in the supraphysical realm or the astral. Ormus, is one of many terms used to refer to what scientists have appropriately termed the fifth state of matter.   The Ormus elements respond to consciousness, meaning it can be programed.  They are also superconductors that assist in the processing of energy in the physical body. These elements are viewed as the perfect bridge between worlds, processing the path of energy from Spirit to Soul, to mind, then to body. The body has various connections to Soul and to the spiritual current. Some call these connections chakras, and they are also known by other names. These connections are believed to process energy most efficiently when Ormus elements are present. Ormus greatly enhances consciousness and as well as the power of the mind in what you perceive and project. Ormus tunes you into your body’s innate wisdom in both your inner and outer worlds. It enhances mental/physical health through increased flow of energy and your ability to work with and direct this energy. Ormus has been shown to relax the DNA strands to a degree which allows the body to make repairs which it may not be able to accomplish in a stressed or tightly would state.  It has been shown to balance the hemispheres of the brain, and increase temperature. When measured via EEG significant enhancement of alpha waves have also been shown in the brain which facilitates heightened learning ability, memory, creative skills, and lowered stress. Ormus has been referred to as manna, essence of life, Philosophers' Stone, Egyptian mfkzt, African shem-an-na, the elixir of life, atomic gold and white gold.


Merkabody Guayusa is grown on small family farms and hand-picked from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. The unique trait about Traditional Guayusa is it promotes protection of the rainforest due to the unique way it is grown in 'forest gardens' that require natural forest shade and biodiverse jungle life to thrive. You are supporting the protection of the rainforest and these families when you choose to indulge your body with this healthy beverage. Guayusa is treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, amino acids*, vitamins, and packs an incredible burst of energy.  It contains close to the amount of caffeine found in coffee and twice the amount of antioxidants and amino acids found in green tea. Naturally smooth and never bitter, with a rich, earthy aroma and a slightly sweet finish, steeped in over 2000 years of Amazonian tradition. Merkabody Guayusa provides balanced energy without the jitters or the sudden crash commonly associated with caffeinated drinks. Its catechins and l-theanine provide a slow release of caffeine for a calm alertness and sustainable energy, while its theophylline improves energy utilization and opens up airways and its          theo-bromine dilates blood vessels, assisting in blood pressure regulation. The many chlorogenic acids assist with weight loss and aid in digestion while another certain amino acid produces dopamine, a perfect combination for relaxation and mental clarity. Other minerals and vitamin include essential nutrients, magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium, calcium, and vitamin D & C.  



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